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i’m terribly sorry sir, but for the last time, no, you can not pay us in stickers. i don’t care how many stickers you have. this is a high end restaurant. holy shit that is a lot of stickers. okay just give me those and you are free to go don’t tell anyone about this

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Mmm you are something else boy. Your posture is out of this world, you’re smart, cute, buff but not too buff, you ride a motorcycle, have tattoos, dress nicely and actually participate in class. And every time you talk to me I can’t help but smile.

Let’s get to know each other. Okay?

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When my hair salon posts a picture on instagram of a client who got the exact dye job done that I’m going to get in two weeks… Makes me not even want it anymore. Ugh. Whatever, mine will be better. Fuck you random ass bitch.

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Well it seems that one of our cats, Phoebe, is dying. Apparently she was throwing up all night and has been laying at the bottom of the stairs all day. This never happens because the dogs typically mess with the cats when they come down from the upstairs hallway. The dogs; however, are leaving her alone and she seems pained to move. Her breath smells and her face appears to be somewhat swollen. I went to pet her and she would not purr nor look me in the eye. 

Although I knew the hostile situation between the dogs and cats would eventually lead to the cats’ demise, I did not expect it to be so soon. Phoebe and Jay were overweight before we got the dogs and now they have just ballooned, as they stay confined to the upstairs and get no exercise. I am sad over this but it makes me feel a little guilty that it is not going to affect me too much compared to how losing Maggie (our old dog) affected me. And that’s saying something because Phoebe’s showing symptoms of death rather rapidly whereas Maggie progressively got more and more helpless, so I was more prepared for Maggie’s passing.

I am going to be sad and feel guilty if she passes because I do feel bad that I have not shown them much attention since we got the dogs. But as they are cats, they have been very independent and refuse to come downstairs to be with the family. I suppose it is what it is but I just needed to type out my thoughts a bit.

Phoebe, I do love you and I’m sorry 2014 did not show you the best time. I know you loved Maggie soooo much and I’m sure that if you pass you will be surrounded by her comfort on the other side so don’t be afraid to go if you need to.

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"im not a feminist"


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ready for a new cutie boy. slap my ass. take me on dates. make me laugh. be smart. have fun. don’t get possessive over me.

where you at?

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